Lubke (lubke) wrote,

Somethings and musquito bites

Well Im sitting here on a recliner on the front porch of my sisters house and everything comes into perspective. Somethings in life don't make sense but sometimes it just works. Somethings just feel right. Most things in life are simpler than your mind twists  it to be. Embracing something you are shouldn't make it something you're scared to share. Distraction are so fun but destroy so much potential. I'm pretty sure if I were to be asked to sacrifice something right now, you'd need to cut my arm off before I understood.

I'm not sure  why I keep spreading the two of 2Chainz to my non hip hop friends. I guess his marketing is that good.

Relationships can change even when you're standing in front of someone else. Or you can be thousands of miles away and not miss a step

I wish I could capture the magic of the midnight hour in the daylight

Good music I shoulda jumped on earlier

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