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New life and the Rukkus

On porch again. Right now Miyuki Garnes is in labor so soon we will welcome another soul into the universe.

Just got back from a shit show of a rap concert featuring Mark's buddy in Babblegoons and old school rapper R.A The Rugged man. I'm not going to go into much details, but all I know is that it ended in fists fights and a topless girls and mad rhymes. Alright fine here are some cliff notes.

After Babblegoons did an awesome, set R.A came on. Unfortunately for him, the dj couldn't  get his music to play. The Rugged man seemed to be a perfectionist so he just started railing into the DJ asking why he couldn't get it to play. Eventually he just switched his laptop for the DJ's, and they were able to get the show on the road. Though after a few songs, the songs started messing up and The Rugged Man went off again, this time even calling out the club's managers. Eventually the guys from Babblegoons clearly had enough and decided to stand up for the DJ. They got in R.A's face and people were shoved and fists were thrown. Eventually, security grabbed the Babblegoons offstage and show went on.

At some point we noticed a bit of a rukkus in front, which we soon realized was a girl flashing her boobs. Yup just in the middle of the show. Obviously she got pulled onstage and proceeded to take her top off completely. Rugged then grabbed her and they had an awkward dance on the floor and she continued the rest of the night topless. Needless to say, any time Rugged would be on the floor she would be close by. It was interesting to see her moshing and all the events that would occur while moshing topless.

Definitely an interesting cap, to a mostly laid back day chilling with family in the morning, lunch with Liz, back home, dinner with Shannon and Nick and Purna's bday....Hmmm....
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