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When I think about you all, I'm probably touching myself

 As I sit here chasing the perpetual sunset outside my plane window, I try to recall as much of my trip to Ottawa. Well it all began with my sister picking me up from the airport and somewhere along the line it ended with watching the sunrise and good times with family and friends.  There were a lot of surprises, so many new faces and an abundance of energy that I’ll attribute to sleeping in and legal and illegal substances.

I think Josh summed it up well when he pointed out that it was like I never left. From landing on Gary's birthday party and watching Anderson Silva lose to discussing the finer points parenting and stripping with the Minority crew, it just went so smoothly. Visiting Mercury was such a treat since my operation manger Todd forced me to wear a visitor pass. I was so happy to see the old studio killing it. Also dropping by Jam Filled studios where all my sexy bitches work. By bitches I mean all the lovely people I wanna hump. I'm glad that the animation is a field where there really isn't a huge devide between a friend a co-worker or a lover. Courtney taught me that on our road trip to Toronto a few years back. I'm still trying to figure out why I owe her a quarter. I know it’s not the same reason why I owe Gage quarters. I'm sure it’s for something sexual aswell. :)

I really should have taken a picture of my odometer at the beginning of my trip. I think I only filled up once in the first week with most of the activities involved driving to Bluesfest and around the Ottawa South/Nepean area. I remember considering it a slow day when I went from to Barhaven, back home, to    Orleans then downtown for a hip hop show. I think being able to spend time with my sibling's in the morning while they prepped food for mom 's birthday made it less stressful. The Hamilton/Toronto raid with Josh was amazing. Loved doing some hardcour parcour with Karma and D’arce and yelling "Suck his D*ck" anytime I got out of the car and couples were around. I’m pretty sure I need to send Nat a cardboard cut-out of myself after the love that poured out of her eyes.  It was awesome discovering the board game bar and I learned that I can only stand trivia so long while blunted. If onIy I could remember all the random facts.

There were a lot of milestones I observed over my time, some important, some completely irrelevant. Seeing Karo pregnant and Miyuki and Mark having Selina was boss. Being there for Garnes' last night as a non-dad wasn't life changing but wicked. Got my first lap dance which was cool and once again showed how small my universe is. Turns out the stripper had been at the strip club near DHX, my first studio in Vancouver. Getting matching tattoos with Mark and Josh was emotionally nourishing and just badass. I got a flavored Beavertail with my cousins when they came down for my mom’s birthday celebration. I was immensely happy to see some friend come out. Had so much fun time went WAY too fast. I think for once I didn’t feel too out place because I rolled with just talking in English.
Well I'm landing in a few mins so shouts outs to random midday water fights at John's.  To Courtneys reaction to her present.  Dino materializing out of nowhere. To everyone I had lunch or dinner with, I hope I’m a few pounds heavier. To everyone I couldn't see, know that I was thinking of you when I touched myself, so pretty often.To bumpy plane rides that lead to writing the most passive last words ever. To my Mazda  for staying alive and to my niece for reminding me that when you realize that you're too short for the water slide and cry your heart out, everything is forgotten when the waves start again at the pool.
P.S Shout out to Sarala for leaving the GREATEST thank you for letting her stay at my place while I was gone.
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