Lubke (lubke) wrote,

A limerick in less than 10 mins (hopefully)

ALways running around i will attempt fit in everything in my head
I'm drawing a blank, am I dead?
The hills are a live with the sounds of summer
Though a lot of overtime has been quite the bummer
Lucid nights to run the streets louder
I'm sure my parents couldn't be any more prouder
Still trying to take love from be a word to something more tangeable
But with everything going on, I try to pretend that it's not manageable
We all know the answer, when the purity of it all is reflected in another
But every spark seems so fleeting, so it's pretty easy to smother
So now I plunge into individual pursuits, hoping that it might bear fruit
Of something of SOMETHING
it's like a cliff I can't see over, and over and over
It's hard to focus when the waves are crashing
I feel like a race horse, always dashing
I'm sure I need to the blinders to get me to the end
I sweet reminder that the word is still my friend :)
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