Lubke (lubke) wrote,

Cold steel and mad love

Yey getting to write.  Let's see what I can squeeze out in a short amount of time. Well right now I'm on the skytrain with my bike, so let's start with that. My bike has become my nexus of joy, my chariot of glee and my late night companion through the streets on Vancouver.

I bought my bike from Sportschek for $149 before taxes. It came with a one year warranty which I used to fix it after my wipeout but more about it later. For an unassuming mountain bike, it's taken me far. Did an epic trip to Victoria with it and I communite to work at least twice week. The fact that its a mountain bike really helps for random rocky terrain that street bikes have trouble with. That came up quite a bit  on our ride through Victoria, the most scenenic trip ever.

Mountain on mountains, long stretches of coastline, spesky hills and cold ass rain, the blueprint of the trip. It was a huge undertaking but I'm so glad Linds, Justin and Chan were there for it. Terrain and weather changed at least every thirty mintues. I was glad that it was a lil chilly because we didn't sweat so much.The thing that sucked was that the gear shift would jam when climbing hills which almost made Chan run into me a few times, but she got through it. The relatively light weight construction helped in that. I usually don't struggle with hills too much but that could be because of the never ending stream of hills on our ride through majestic countryside.

My favourite bit of "me time" has become full moon bike rides from work. I'm not sure why but the moon just looks bigger out here. Its immense glow is the perfect companion illuminating the majesty of the moutains and sky liine.  It's seriously romantic and you can't help falling in love with her. The bike paths are really well lit so I never have any sense of danger and sometimes, if you're lucky, you catch something special. I saw a fox in passing a few weeks ago, then last week, I saw it again. This time around, I decided to dismount and attempted to commune with it. The grey fox didn't run away initially, it even seemed intrigued. We spent what felt like forever studying eachother until it eventually I got too close and it trotted off. Actual time lasped was probably 3 minutes.

It's been an awesome journey with my bike and I hope it goes for at least one more year. Hoping to pick up a hybrid down the line which would increase my speed by a lot. Everything in life is pretty good. Trying to balance alot of things at once and as always focusing on one thing means that I'm gonna miss out on something else.But that's just part of life :)

Oh wipeout. SO tried to avoid a lady while biking eventhough we could have shared the side way. Wheel snagged, pulled a Superman, landed on my forarms and knees. It hurt but was able to walk away and continue biking to work. LIKE A BOSS!
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