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Bumbershoots and sneaks

Well I just spent a packed weekend in Seattle seeing Kendrik Lamar and some other artists at the Bumbershoot Arts festival. The evening of the first night allowed me some time to roam around since Shawn was passed out hard. Tried waking him up twice but not getting much sleep the night before would do that. The clubbing was totally worth it though! But I digress.

Saturday night started off pretty tame, I wasn't too tired even after a day of concert going so I decided to step out. I walked down the streets, a boy with a Heinekenin hand. I found a nice park filled with homeless people where I gave the can to someone who would enjoy it. I continued on to 1st Avenue which was peppered with people leaving from various Penny Arcade Expo events, their lanyards made it easy to tell. I walked around secretly hoping to run into something fun and I found it a few blocks away from my apartment.

I was ready to call it in and check if Shawn was up, when I saw what looked like an art show. Turns out they were just wrapping up so the guy at the door let me in. The pieces at the show were amazing. They were all video game themed and ranged in style. It was REALLY hard to pick just one piece to buy but one stood out above them all. I just loved this Super Mario piece; colours and everything just clicked. After putting up earlier it today in my room it inspired me to do some writing so here goes. For lack of a better title, Clear Answers: A piece about advice, self reliance and Super Mario


When the answers escape me, maybe I’ll find it somewhere in my dreams
As I start everyday with a brand new scheme, sweating
Promising that every next step will be different from the last
Working with a frenzy so fierce in Cupids arrow couldn’t pierce me
Try to staple my feet to the ground and see how many laps I finish
Still sweating, take the shrooms  to drop a slow motion filter so many I could catch my thoughts before they fly
Is it numb, is it over thinking, is it some sort of virus protection
If trepidation leads to a subtle dose of fear, then rain check it because I’m staying in
I’ll be somewhere underground by the time you find me and even then I might be predisposed
I might be taking over the world; I might be stashing my gold coins
When Super humans are preoccupied, can you put salvation on hold?
Can you pray to your own white clouds and bring heaven down a little closer?
Because I’d rather pay you the compliment rather than build myself a monument
That is to say I’d rather see you shine, with all your faculties and frailties
My feet are blistered because I’m a whirlwind, my heart is hardened because it is a hammer
And my sight is beyond reach that I struggle to keep up
Like someone lost in his dreams, seeing the waking world in short strobes
Images blurred and smashed so vividly that I need blinders
So when I dream tonight, I hope my home is in a crystal castle
So that the answer can see me from all sides

PS when you don't have your heart set on something, it is really easy to sneak into conventions
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