Lubke (lubke) wrote,

Started from the bottom now we're back

    After  dipping into the beautiful fountain that was South East Asia, we are finally home. With all the jokes going into it, Chan and Shawn and I managed to keep our heads and not get sick of each other. Our anthem for most of the trip was “Started from the bottom” and everyday started a little differently. Some days would started at 7 am cuz we crashed early in a sleepy town on Cebu Island. Some days started in the afternoon, exhausted after riding  thirteen plus hours going through breath taking Taroko Gorge. I think the scenic views helped to get up those mornings . When you have the promise of adventures off the beaten path in foreign lands, motivation was pretty easy to find.

          Compared to my trip through Europe, we had a lot more interaction with people at our hostels. Since we were only a crew of three instead of eight, we would easily make friends in the bigger dorm rooms. It helped when we didn’t have any clear of our plans and we wanted to find something interesting to do. I was really surprised about the amount of young  hostel managers we ran into. They were really helpful, some of them really going out of their way to help us out with whatever we needed.  Some hostels slept better than others but over all they always felt like home since we usually stayed at least two days.  When we did only book for single days, it was pretty easy to find a second hostel if we couldn’t extend our stay.
          My favourite part of this trip was the simple moments of outdoor climbing/hiking.  My first opportunity was some trees around Owen’s families’ place in the Philippines. Something about being perched in the trees while traffic and pedestrians passed me by, like being a ninja. I also like that it’s a work out that gets you thinking. So many options for paths you have take to get to the ultimate reward. Like the pass through the canopy of butterflies while we were climbing up some waterfalls near Kenting.   After some intense climbing, we reached a clearing that was loaded with butterflies. It felt like the scene in Disney’s Tarzan, when he brings Jane through the forest and they’re surrounded by birds. Instead it was butterflies and I got to skinny dipping in a waterfall and flash Shawn afterwards.

            When we were up north in the Banaue Rice Terrace, a traveler mentioned that we’d get tired of the waterfalls. I’m happy that he was wrong. They all had a different a way of getting to them, some involving tumbles off scooters.  On the same trip, a lady boy checking myself and Alex out while we changed into our swim suits. Still, the best was the Double Rainbow water fall our friend Carletta brought us to in Oslob. Even though we missed out on seeing the whale sharks, it was easily forgotten when we saw the amazingly clear waters and the slow motion videos we recorded.

            It’s always interesting that no matter how much footage you take of a trip, nothing can bring you back to the moment.  You can’t feel all the ocean waves accidentally knocking you over when you weren’t paying attention.  Still, we can take amazing panoramas and videos of yourself scootering through unorganized traffic to remind you why you should come back. It also reminds me of all the green space available to us in Vancouver so I hope random bike trails will happen.
Well as regular life slowly slips into my veins, I’m looking forward to adventures in 2014. I’m not sure how I’ve grown during the trip but I know I’ve learned to let a lot of things go. I hope I’ve learned to go with the flow when things don’t go as planned.  And also to try not to do much. Year of the horse….hmm..maybe turtle might be better.
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