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Ball so hard, I got blisters on my ass (legit)

  It’s time for a brief moment of silence because all the voices are going to get really loud soon. So it’s time to file some mental taxes before I pass the deadline and miss out on everything. Even as I type this, a billion unattended tasks are flooding my brain and washing away my attention span.

MY move to Kitsalano has definitely been a game changer. Being 15 to 20 mins from everything and everyone has brought a smile to my face. I had moment whil looking over 4th ave after yoga where the street reminded of howI pictured Canada as a kid. Dare I say that I’m living the dream? I can see it being a mixed blessing aswell because it will be difficult to say no to a lot of things. I wish I could say no to the sun that pours through my massive windows every morning, but you can’t win every battle. Things will definitely pop off as the weather get nicer and I hope it leads to bbq and get togethers and not necessarily heading to a pub. With all the travelling coming up, this boy needs to save.

Speaking of trips, I recently went to Portland and to keep this part short I’ll say this. After an awesome hike, getting your balls tickled by a stripper’s vibrator is an awesome night cap. Portland is definitely an awesome place to get fat, meet genuinely nice people and try out some delicious beer.

Now I’m looking forward to Victoria, over time, learning to love, learning time management and seeing how far I can push everything before it cracks. There are so many other things are on my mind but I can’t think of them now. So for now, courage.
Oh first dragon boat race next SUnday. Listening to a lot of Slipknot beforehand

Words of wisdom, if you have someone in your life that can be honest with themselves, everything becomes so much easier
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