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One day i'll be a pro ninja

 Imagine being buried, under hours upon hours of creativity. Overseeing potential dreams from far, hoping to make the cut. It's been something that I've wanted and a mantle I hope to honor. But with the appointment of supervisor comes the glorious burden.

And then something wonderful happens. It makes the long days melt away. And even though you might meet in the twilight hours, the elation would make a summers day blush. The rain drops on your way home, a gentle kiss. And the street lights a loving guide to your front step.

Curious enough to spot three rainbows, laughs for two and one hell of a reason to want to skip some bases. If self restraint could be compared to kidney stones, I would be wise to not indulge. And yet this urge to be close and know about this galaxy of quirks and tenderness. And be inspired by the lines of awkwardness and moments of peace. Until it all deadlines and schedules melt away. And there's nothing left but him and her. A smile and a realization that this bed feel a lil empty:P
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