Lubke (lubke) wrote,

Work and Bewbs

Welll I’m a few hours a way from taking over my first in house team at work. Expectations: I hope I don’t suck and that I can sleep at night. I pope I can keep the hours reasonable because spending time with Krista has been all that and a bag of chips.  More on that later. This project has gone on longer than expected but I’m liking all the creative problem solving I get to do every day. I’m feeling a lot of emotions I don’t get to experience all the time and isn’t that the best part of life. Speaking of which.

Krista is pretty dope. Like super wicked. She definitely likes hiking which is growing on me, but only when it’s kind of sketchy and adventurous. We went on a righteous hike last week which took us across a wicked colorful valleys, fast rapids, rock slides and frigid cold glacial lakes. Honestly, you learn to trust someone when you’re scaling down a mountain trying to keep up with the sunset in bear country. Highlight was finding our cabin in the woods where we would escape during a zombie apocalypse.  It was right by the lake where I would learn to fish, cut trees and do other manly stuff that doesn’t include growing my chest hair. It will take time to adjust to swimming in those lakes. If you want to experience death, go there. You’ll love it. Sexy tip for hikes: let your girl lead the hike, awesome views. :)

I bought my ticket for Mark and Dinora’s which I'm bringing Krista to. I feel bad for our neighbors....SO AMPED! And hopefully diving with a new licence. And Finally an epic moment in my bro's life :) I really hope Dinora doesn't set me on fire. So much to do in prep. So many raps to try out ;)

Well I the next few weeks will be all over the place and probably buried in work and glorious boobs. She really makes me feel lucky, Krista not work. Though I'm lucky to be in this position at work so I guess it goes both ways.
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