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Stage Lighhts

  The last couple of weeks have been quite a blur with Thanksgiving, Chan’s and Lindsay’s  burfday and Halloween planning taking up most of my time.  It’s felt like I’ve been performing on a literal and metaphoric stage for the last while. I think it all began when I had the opportunity to check out two burlesque shows on consecutive evenings. It wasn’t planned out but it was pretty awesome.  Some friends of mine were performing at the first show as part of a student case. About half way through, I felt my friends tapping me on my shoulder, egging me on to get on stage. When I got on stage, I found out that it was for a strip tease contest for free burlesque lessons. I didn’t win but afterwards I had some of the girls telling me that I should try some boylesque.  I thought it would be a hoot. I went up on stage at the second show but this time it was just a trivia question for a free drink which I gave to Lindsay, since it was her burfday. I also belted out one of my most emotional renditions of I don’t wanna miss a thing later that night because it was Lindsay’s burfday.

  My next stage performance was the Double Halloween massacre  at the Affolter’s and my buddy Bills. Now based on the accidental suggestion of Gage while he was trying to guess my Halloween costume, I went dressed as Nicki Manaj. I enlisted the help of my friend Lynn, to help with the makeup. It felt like it took forever, since I’m a guy and this is not normal for us. Near the end of the make up session, Lynn’s daughter  Celeste, offered me her fake glittery eyelashes. It was the perfect accent for the costume. Most of the costume was purchased at Sirens, $3 for tights, $6 for tights.

  The Affolter pad was three floors, but we only used the top one with the patio. There was a lot of people when I got there and I’m pretty sure the numbers had tripled later into the night.  Shortly after getting there, I remember seeing  someone carry a box of what looked like trophies but I was too inebriated to notice it’s importance. Throughout the party I saw people filling out ballots for the costume contest, but once again I was too stoned to pay  attention.  I remember trying to fill one out and I just wanted to write “Everybody” is the winner. I had some people coming up to telling me that  they voted me as sexiest costume or scariest, sometimes both. And when it came time to pick the winners, I grabbed sexiest  costume. It was the first time a guy had won it in the ten year history of the party. I got a sweet engraved trophy, a gift certificate for a movie and a dvd of a fire place since I was so hot. There were soo many amazing people at the party that I hope they eventually find me on the internet as they promised.

  We finally made it to Bill’s party around 2 am after hearing that Chan had to drive someone to the hospital after hitting their head somehow. When we got there, the three floor party was still going with a dj spinning some records. Chan was found in the basement still partying since the injured person had a brother who stayed with them. It was funny because when I got there, I had a huge, possibly Australian guy interrogating me about who I knew there. He calmed down after I started pointing out people in the crowd and we had a nice chat about fashion. I was starting to like my tights even though they were too crazy for my regular style. He just said - you have to do it twice around your friends because the first time they would hate it but second time it’d switch to “that’s aight.” It was a pretty good point so I’ll probably be rocking them at some outing next summer.

  You often hear about artist taking drugs to get on stage and I usually don’t care, as long as they can perform. During Chan’s Halloween party the following weekend, I decided to try some medical grade weed cookies, 2.5 grams in one cookie. I also decided to go through 3 different costumes in one night. The first was a Tyler Perry style, old lady called Big Booty Lucy. I wore the costume until 9 oclock, when I upgraded into Nicki Manaj 2.0. This time around Rochelle helped with the make up and I added a multi-coloured tutu and pink wig to the costume. Hurray for half price sales! The eyelashes were definitely heavier this time around so it hurt quite a bit ; sacrifices! I definitely got groped a lot this time around since I knew more people at the party.  And yes ladies, I know a fraction of what you go through now. But it was all in good fun, as it should be for a guy in drag.

  The third and final costume was Miley Cyrus which I changed into around 11. I put the  most effort into this costume since I sewed  the design on the front of the shirt. It turned out  pretty well but I definitely should have danced more in the costume to Miley’s songs. For the first time at a party, I spent time talking to people as oppose to dancing. Some conservations went well, some turned into me getting into my own head about how people perceived all this outward flamboyance. I remember at one point, I thought my friend was trying to hook me up with their friends’ boyfriend.  There was some stuff I blurted and instantly felt bad about . It was crazyl because everything would go silent around the situation, like bullet time. I’d realize what I said, replay it in my head then feel bad.  Though it was a great ride perfectly timed out to the hights and lulls of the party, the over thinking was a bit more than I liked. The good part was that the “awkward” moments would happen and then something else would catch my attention.  So the self doubt would pass in a flash. I am very comfortable with myself and I try not to be a dick. Luckily, no one really mentioned that I was out of control. Regardless, I’m never taking medical grade weed at house party ever again. It’s better saved for more intimate hang outs.

  The last week has been focused on my trip through South East Asia.  The recent typhoons through the area has us reconsidering going to the Philippines. I’ve been in touch with my buddy Owen’s brother since he lives down there so I’m waiting for some information to proceed. We also have to hope that we can switch our tickets because of the state of emergency in the Phillipines. And finally pick a new destination that would please all three of us. It’s going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.
Shout outs to Gary on his new daughter Sophia. Liz who should be having Squisy sometime soon and John and Ricky on their future baby. And Mark and Dino’s engagement . And my nephew Yow’ s Burfday, hopefully you’ll outgrow your tantrums soon. 
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