Lubke (lubke) wrote,

Before everything gets rushed

I shall take a moment to write something before everything gets crazy. Added responsibilities at work cuz of my promotion  has really left me with little energy to smell the roses. But i did find some flowers on my way to work the other day. Which just makes everything better. There's a lot of information that's been thrown at me from friends back home. The best way to describe is that life can have some serious  things happen and you never wanna have them happen to the ones you love. But there's not much you can do about it. But you want hear them out and hug the shit out of them.

It's so hard to remember how it was to be a new animator so i need to learn to be more empathetic. Find the fine like between showing them what to do and having them do it for themselves. If there's such a thing as doing too much, i'm happy I'm at least taking a moment for this. Hence the reason i'm keeping it short cuz i'm just going to lay down and let my mind wonder. I hope not to plan ahead too much when i visit ottawa. Here's hoping for the best..

Looking in someone's eyes can be awesome. The universe is awesome when things aren't rushed.
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